…also known as contracting out.

In business management SCHMIDT IN DER WEYEN Business Care takes over your tedious administrative tasks so that you can dedicate yourself to your core business.

Make the most of our network and expertise so that you can take your company forwards.

With business process outsourcing (BPO) you can contract out the following areas to SCHMIDT IN DER WEYEN Business Care and have them taken care of by our experts:

  • finance and accounting / bookkeeping / reporting
  • HR / personnel / pensions
  • procurement
  • logistics
  • customer care (call centres)
  • computer centre operations

What is BPO?

Companies that outsource are primarily removing from their activities the support processes that do not give them a competitive advantage, allowing them to focus on their principal business (core processes). Successful BPO can increase a company’s effectiveness and efficiency and thereby contribute to its success. Outsourcing also means that operational risks are being transferred to the BPO service provider so that companies are in a position to operate strategically without being weighed down operationally, making them leaner and more transparent. The outsourced support processes are a BPO service provider’s core business. By standardising its own core processes, the service provider can efficiently optimise costs and have a low error rate. Optimising the utilised capacity of its own systems and processes produces economies of scale that again provide cost benefits for the service provider. For outsourcing companies and service providers alike, it’s a win-win situation.